I have an app (Obsidian) that having this data structure:

Main Data/
├─ App Data/
│  ├─ Plugin Data/
│  │  ├─ Files.json
│  ├─ Files.json
├─ Files.md

I want to share the data to various people (or devices). Depending on their expertise level of the app, I want to have different types of sync to their devices:

Level Files in Main Data Files in App Data Files in Plugin Data
Novice/First setup 1-way Download once, then ignored 1-way
Advanced beginner 2-way Ignored 1-way
Competent 2-way Ignored Ignored

Can you suggest me some solutions for this? Here are what I have tried and their limitation:

  • Google Drive: lack of ignore feature
  • Syncthing: the management of devices and subfolders are too complicated when the network grows
  • Git: too advanced for non-technical users

The Wikipedia page Comparison of version-control software lists a great deal of software to try, but the criteria I need is not there.

I need it to have renames/moves and conflict detection. Other non-required options:

  • Free
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

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My current solution is to make a custom installer and use git under the hood to clone the repo. The app will have an auto-pull feature, and if the user needs to push data upstream, they will need to be educated or tutored about git.

My next question: Simple installer-maker for minimal and graphical setup

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