I have a rather complex hardware setup that I need to replicate multiple times and then use the instances of that setup in parallel by multiple users.

For simplicity, let’s just say that the setup involves 2 virtual machines (Ubuntu), on 2 different servers, each one communicating with an external hardware switch. Then all are connected to a hardware router. Entities can be accessed over SSH and/or REST API. I have multiple setups like the one above.

Is there a software platform that I can use to manage multiple instances of the above setup? By managing them I mean both keeping the software updated on each entity in the setup and also having the ability to reserve each setup for a certain user of the platform.

  • Does Amazon AWS not do the job ? Jan 2, 2023 at 11:24

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Personally I would use Terraform.

Is an open-source infrastructure-as-configuration software tool.

It can build data center infrastructure through a declarative configuration language like HCL or JSON.

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