I'm looking for a live reloading open source HTTP server. I have a bunch of HTML files (generated by pandoc) which I want to show in my browser and refresh/update the side whenever the HTML changes.

  • serves HTML
  • auto updates/live updates/hot reloads changes HTML files
  • standalone tool (not a plugin for an IDE)
  • minimal configuration
  • simple binary download
  • preferably not NPM based
  • preferably some way to trigger a page reload other then changing a file, e.g. by sending a signal to the process

The closes I've found is live-server, but I would prefer a single binary to download and as far as I see cannot be triggered to update externally. I'm pretty sure I had exactly such a tool in the past, there were some capability of triggering a reload externally e.g. when a lazily loaded ressource changed or when not serving HTML files directly but via another web server.

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The static site generator, Eleventy, uses Browsersync to live-reload pages, however this is an NPM module, which means it falls outside your preferences.

Another static site generator, Jekyll, has an option to enable Guard-LiveReload from the LiveReload Project. There are also browser extensions you can install to force page reloads.

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