Sometimes SPARQL code appears in URLs, as long query strings, and then it is basically a very long one-liner, often URL-encoded. Or the SPARQL contains a lot of UNIONs which have linebreaks located at wrong places.

I am looking for a SPARQL query formatter.

Ideally that would be a VSCode extension. However currently (Dec 2020) there exists no such extension in the VSCode marketplace.

I would also work with a command line tool (for Linux), or an online tool where users can paste in the unformatted query and receive a formatted query.

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Answering my own question:

Wikidata has a formatter in the Wikidata Query service. I can copy my unformatted query text, paste it in the Wikidata window, and the query will be formatted.

enter image description here

However the "diamond symbol/icon is only enabled and only works if the query is syntactically valid, and if it has no undefined prefixes.

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