I'm currently starting a small project which consists of creating a single-page web application which is capable of modeling node-based networks. The functionality of this network is to visualize incoming data-streams of another application in real-time. The amount of user will probably be really small, but the software should be easily expandable in terms of funtionality.

I'm looking for a framework that fits best for this small project, I've already been looking at the most popular ones like Angular 2, React, Vue.js and Backbone. I should add that I'm quite new to web-development, but have some experience in JAVA-programming. Hopefully someone with experience can recommend me something.

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To me Angular 2 fits there. Java devs usually find it quite natural - the TypeScript syntax and framework's OOP principles. Being an opinionated framework also kinda helps to kickstart the development if you don't have JS background.

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    – Nakilon
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Sounds like most of the content has to be created in real time and there is not too much other content to show? Maybe you can try the Document Makeup Library (DML)? This is a dependency free library tp create Single page applications in Javascript. Makes it very easy to create dynamic elements depending on external data.

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