In order to create a REST API my supervisor suggested the php-framework Laravel to me.

Besides authentification, pagination and other requirements I should implement the Feed Item Query Language to filter requests over the URL query string.

I'm completly new to Laravel so I searched the internet for a matching package or a built in function (e.g. for pagination there is something very simple to use). But I can't find anything in this direction... the only thing that comes close to the topic is this package. Unfortunately it doesn't provide support for the latest laravel version's.

Maybe someone has a clue if I missed something? Has someone experience with Laravel and can recommend something?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey I have been working on Laravel for my finals project and I've learned quite a bit in the process, so I'll try to answer.

As I understand, you need something to filter results from database or from request object. Well Laravel is great in that as it has built functions for such a thing. It is using eloquent models to access database. If you don't know about it yet read about it here.

Look at Collections in laravel documentation and check available methods for filtering.

  • Thanks @Mr. Kovalski, I'll have a look.
    – Matthias
    Jan 27, 2020 at 13:04

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