I am looking for a browser-based solution to make end-to-end encrypted calls without having to register (as in verify an email, sms, oauth etc.).

From what I understand this could be accomplished using WebRTC and thus wouldn't even really require a server because everything could happen peer-to-peer.

But even though there appear to be libraries which should make it relatively straight forward to write something like this, I couldn't actually find anything.

  • ExpressVPN available on Firefox works well. – Robert Allebach Jan 23 at 20:20
  • @RobertAllebach This has nothing to do with my question. Besides that it's a common misconception that a VPN would encrypt your traffic. In reality you're adding two parties (the VPN provider and the ISP of that VPN provider) who can read your traffic and only excluding your own ISP from doing it. – Forivin Jan 24 at 8:38

With https://whereby.com/ you can provide video meetings in the browser. Your attendees just need to visit your custom link to whereby.

You can also share your screen and for small teams (up to 4 attendees) it is gratis.

This is not a code library but a software recommendation. Anyway, i hope this helps.

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    To add to your answer, according to their privacy policy, using the free version of their service audio/video is end-to-end encrypted and unless the user is behind a firewall/NAT, it is also transmitted peer-to-peer: whereby.com/information/tos/privacy-policy (The paid version however will not necessarily do that.) The service does, however, require signing up for an account (at least for the person who creates the "room"). – Forivin Jan 20 at 8:59

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