I am an electrical engineer, new in the web developing area, I used to program in Python, Basic SQL queries SQLite and electrical software.

What I need:

  1. I have a file (CVS or xlsx) that contains two columns with values per every 15 minutes during one complete year (a time series).

  2. I need to present in a WEB PAGE, the info contained in that file (CVS or xlsx), by showing a table with some data filters (such a time period, ascending order, descending order, etc).

  3. The web page has to simulate a "Real-Time behavior", thats mean, that the web page has to read and present the data every 15 minutes according to with the internal clock of the computer (or server)

  4. Then, I have to plot those values in "real-time" in a scatter diagram.

Any suggestions about which software to use for that (PHP, JS, ...) or third application?

  • Any, please? I really nee to start – Lucho Oct 15 at 16:27

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