I've asked this on incorrect sub-site (security.se), however, i think that question fits this site more. So, I was searching for a tool, which includes multiple Vulnerability-Scanners, so we could upload a project (or even submit our website), and the tool scanned our site (or project) for Vulnerabilities. But the difference is that, it scanned with multiple different scanners (like VirusTotal).

I've built the sketch of idea myself, to show what I mean: http://allscanners.itask.software/

What should we do, when we need something like that?


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Actually, Bitbucket has a feature which is a bit like this, but the user interface is quite different from yours.

It is part of what they call "AutoDevops".

Once in a while (maybe each day), Bitbucket runs various vulnerability scanners on your code, for various programming languages. So your program can contain some JavaScript and some C#, AutoDevops will find the vulnerabilities for each language.

I don't think it analyzes your code very deeply. It just checks whether you are using libraries that have known vulnerabilities.

It is free.

  • Thanks for nice info! However, I am primarily focusing on PHP, because I work with CMS (like Wordpress and etc...) so, that method doesn't fit millions of users like me :(
    – T.Todua
    Jan 15, 2019 at 13:10

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