During development of FTP client we used GuiltFTP to configure in local PC with minimal steps. It acts as a FTP server in a local machine and all FTP commands are tested.

Similarly we need to develop Socket Server testing.

Is there is any freeware or open source which acts as Socket Server and able to send us responses for our requests???


  • "Socket server" could be virtually anything. If you're using a custom protocol, you'll need to develop the server part yourself. Otherwise, specify the exact protocol you're trying to do.
    – Alejandro
    Aug 19 at 14:51

Maybe you could use this: https://github.com/timgold81/honeypot It opens a socket server at any port number you want, sends something and logs anything you send to it


Seems to me that you need a specific one for each service. "it acts like a local ftp server" It may be easiest to run a virtual box and put the OS of your choice on it and run actual servers on it.

Now if you need to see the exchange that happens, look at netcat -- it's a generalized network 'pipe fitting' that can be used for all kinds of stuff where something happening on one machine and talking to another.

  • the keys are already expired and it is not an active project. can u pls suggest like netcat Sep 4 '18 at 2:11

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