For years, I have been using Linkman and consider it money well spent.

At the time, I did a lot of searching, and it was the best there was, but that was many years ago & who knows what has appeared since?

I am looking for something similar, but which runs on both Windows and Android (with the idea being to have a single, shared, database and synch it with DropBox).

At the very least, a tree hierarchy, like the Windows explorer, where I can create "folders" and sub-folder, plus search capabilities.

Whatever you recommend must be able to import my extensive collection of bookmarks which Linkman can export in the formats listed on this page

Preferably gratis, maybe up to $25-ish

[Update] Sorry, I should have been more explicit; I want an app, not browser synching of bookmarks

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I suggest Raindrop. It runs on Windows as a browser extension and has an Android and iOS app. It supports nested folders, but that is a premium feature. You can import your linkman bookmarks as HTML.

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