With the debate on net neutrality in full swing it seems a great idea to check if your ISP is blocking you from some sites or monitoring where you are browsing, etc.

  • Ideally Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Check for Blocked sites & services
  • Check for "box in the middle" for signs of traffic interception
  • Possibly share the data about specific networks & ISPs

OS: Any

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Open Observatory of Network Interference

OONIProbe Is an Android App or Linux Program that performs a number of tests to see if:

  • Some web sites are blocked
  • Headers are being altered in transit
  • Tests for measuring the blocking of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram!
  • Tests for network speed shaping
  • Allows sharing of results

It is Free, Gratis & Open Source.


Running ooniprobe might be against the terms of service of your ISP or legally questionable in your country. By running ooniprobe you will connect to web services which may be banned, and use web censorship circumvention methods such as Tor. The OONI project will publish data submitted by probes, possibly including your IP address or other identifying information. In addition, your use of ooniprobe will be clear to anyone who has access to your computer, and to anyone who can monitor your Internet connection (such as your employer, ISP or government).

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