I have a lot of PDF-documents I want to annotate with comments or highlight passages. I need this across multiple devices (iOS, Windows7+, maybe macOS, Linux as a bonus), so a cloud service is fine (prefer Google Drive, OneDrive; iCloud and Dropbox may be accepted, too).

Is thera any tool I can accomplish that? Is Adobe Reader with any Cloud Storage already sufficient?


It sounds like you are looking for Mendeley - it is an online service with apps for desktop & mobile that provides:

  • Web App
  • Desktop Apps for Windows 7+, MacOS & Linux
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Online library of pdfs & other materials
  • Tagging, Notes and Organisation
  • Reference Management
  • Co-operation with others on library entries
  • PDF viewer
  • PDF Highlighting & Annotation
  • Export with or without annotations
  • Various research tools
  • Job Alerts

The amount of storage and various other facilities depend on the plan that you are willing to sign up & pay for but there are free accounts that will let you at least get a feel for how useful it might be.

enter image description here

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