I want to use the Ledger command line accounting software. Are there any android apps I can use to generate CSV files of expenses when I'm away from home, which can then be imported into Ledger?

  • One usually writes Ledger files with a text editor. – Kodiologist Aug 19 '17 at 19:21

Having played around with ledger more, I've opted to encrypt my .ledger.journal with GnuPG then upload to cloud storage.

I can then sync it with my android phone, decrypt using openkeychain and edit it using jotterpad, my text editor of choice.

  • What is the point of having the full ledger file on Android when you can't run any reports and check the validity of entered data? – Alen Siljak Apr 16 '19 at 21:11

Many financial apps support CSV export. I have been using, and contributing to, Money Manager Ex for Android. It is an Open Source app and supports export to CSV and QIF formats.

I also wrote a Python library for reading the database, so export to CSV can happen outside the app itself, either on a PC or on a mobile device.

There are plenty of tools that will convert CSV, or other formats, to ledger syntax, which you can append to your book file.

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