One thing I like doing at home when working on some personal creative projects is to use a Wiki to collate all the lore, so I have easy reference to it when my memory fails me. At home I currently use MediaWiki on a WAMP server.

However, I have been setting up my tablets so I can continue this kind of work when I don't have access to my PC. One of the problems is that my memory can still fail me, and when this happens I tend to hit a roadblock (eg. when writing a Nanoha fan fiction I would have to stop when I am about to have Alicia explain why Death still exists in Al-Hazard when Trishia resurrected Lutecia and Alicia herself has been resurrected, unable to remember if this has been explained before, I normally have to stop until I can confirm it).

So I thought I should look into seeing if there was a Wiki Creation App for iOS of Android which I can use as a mobile repository of my home Wiki


  • Offline - as not all the time I will have access to the Internet
  • No Logon/registration with third party - while this should be a given with my Offline requirement Wattpad on iOS does require you to create an account and advertises that you can read books from them while offline.
    • If iOS then it should be fine to just use my Apple Login
    • If Android it should be free from any login given that Android Apps can be installed without the Google Store (so i have been told)


  • Free - I would rather it to be free as Mediawiki on my PC is free, then again so is OpenOffice and I still had to pay for a decent word processor on my iPad
  • PC Text Backup/Restore - I would like to backup the Wiki to a format which I can store on the PC, mainly because then I can then develop a tool to update MediaWiki on Wamp or generate a Backup from MediaWiki and restore the tablet Wiki based off that. In the absence of this, I can use my word processor to store every wiki page and just copy and paste.
  • I've not yet used any myself (though playing with the thought), but there are several Wiki editors and Markdown Editors available for Android which you might wish to check (I've put this as a comment as I cannot give a clear recommendation, leaving the "check" to you in this case; still, I hope it helps ;)
    – Izzy
    Jun 3, 2015 at 6:07

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TiddlyWiki is a single webpage wiki which runs under most browsers. That makes it very flexible. There are two ways to run it on Android:

  1. Using the Firefox extension. Instructions for that are on the homepage or in this video
  2. Using the AndTidWiki Android App


  • Offline. All information are stored in a single local html file
  • No registration required. It's ready to edit as soon as you download it
  • Free of charge
  • Easy to backup and sync: Since it's all in a single file, you can synchornize it with a PC over Wi-fi or using a cloud service. You can store versions of the files using a revision control software, or by editing the wiki with TiddlyDesktop which automatically saves backups
  • 1
    This is a good choice +1 Jun 3, 2015 at 15:21

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