I'm looking for an imdb equivalent for books. The site I want to use should have these specific features:

  • book rating
  • reviews
  • tagging books with tags like already read, own, plan to read...
  • support for non-english authors and books
  • top lists
  • category filters
  • info about the author and his/her bibliography
  • see what books my friends read or what they read in the past

Also, it should be working, living, non-empty database. Is there any such site?

I've already tried:

  • books.google.com
  • www.ibookdb.net
  • openlibrary.org

None of these fulfills the criteria above.


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GoodReads matches your needs. Here is the link: GoodReads


If you like GoodReads as suggested by dannemp, you might be interested in taking a look at BookWyrm as well: BookWyrm is the libre pendant. No lock-in, but a community of interconnected instances, which is part of the Fediverse. Quoting from their own introduction:

BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, and federated. You can seamlessly follow and interact with users on other BookWyrm instances, and on services like Mastodon.

Like Goodreads it's mainly intended for book cataloging, and offers about the same features. But due to its connections with the Fediverse, is much more versatile. And if you're using Android, there's even a BookWyrm app available making not only adding your apps easier (thanks to the integrated barcode scanner):

Screenshots of the BookWyrm app (click images for larger variants)

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