Sometimes I want to see when was an article was published and it's not written on the web page.

Are there websites that show this information for free?

Secondly, Are there websites that show history of a URL/website?

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It doesn't update constantly, but the Wayback Machine at http://web.archive.org scans everything it can, saving snapshots, etc. of sites as they exist at any given moment. Going back years.

  • Thanks but it doesn't cover the 2 sites I'm currently examining. Any other suggestions?
    – WillyCode
    Commented Apr 2, 2017 at 7:09

"LastModified Date" is a Firefox extension that displays last modification date / time of web pages in the url bar. I have had mixed results - it doesn't seem to work on every site.


LastModified Date extension


If you are lucky, you can use the Document.lastModified Javascript function which should be available in most browsers. If the page is dynamically generated (IE: Generated just for your browsing) then it will show the the time/date when you loaded the page, which is pretty useless to you.

However, if it is a static HTML page, it will show the last modified date for that file.

Navigate to the webpage in your browser, then in your address bar type:


This should only be used as a last resort, as it is possible that the website generated this data at a certain time that does not correspond to when it was written.

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