Looking through some HTML templates produced for a project on which I am currently working, I've found extensive use of inline styles, eg:

<div style="margin-top: 1em;"></div>

I'm looking for a linting tool to plug into our Gulp pipeline to catch these usages and throw a warning.

My google-fu seems to be failing me, so does anyone know if such a thing exists?


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Why don't you just grep (search) through all *.html files for the string style=?

Your IDE almost certainly offers you a way to do so, with Ctrl+Alt+f or Ctrl+Shift+f or Ctrl+h, or some such.

If you want to see them in context, use something like File Locator Lite for Windows or Search Monkey, which I have used on both Windows & Linux, to search for a line containing astring, but also show a few lines before and after.

Not necessary in this case, since you have a blanket ban, but always nice to know of the possibility.

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