I'm looking for an audio player application which can remember where I've left the track.


  1. I'm listening track A and at time 8:52 I pause the track.
  2. Then I decide to listen track B. And at time 15:42 I stop the player.
  3. Later I return back to track A, but instead of playing it from the start, I wan't to start where I've left before, i.e. at time 8:52.
  4. Similarly for track B, I want it play from 15:42.

It is similar to an E-Book reader, which remembers which page you've left of at for each book you're reading. So I would like to have same for audio files.

I would prefer a free app, but if is there a paid one (with reasonable price), I would go for it.

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Use MX Player for Android.
You can even start the audio from the first or resume it from the last time where you have stopped it. It also works for video files.

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    I don't think it can play music anymore – foggy Jun 17 at 12:33

If you want this in order to listen to music or speech which you want to download manually then I don't know. But if you want this because you listen to podcasts and you're fine with downloading them via their RSS/Atom feeds, then I highly recommend the Podcast & Radio Addict app. It remembers your position in each podcast exactly the way you described, even shows the position as a small progress bar in the podcast list and provides tons of other features, such as the automatic download of the latest podcast episodes from RSS/Atom feeds that I mentioned (not restricted to podcasts that were set up to work with the app - any feed URL will do). It's free with ads or you can pay to remove the ads.

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