I need a software from where I can broadcast my iPhone screen to a Windows PC and control it from there. I want to do things like reply to text messages (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.) from my PC instead of opening my iPhone again and again.

I found some apps but all of them need to jailbreak the iPhone and I don't want to do that. Is there any other way possible?

The software has to be compatible with all versions of Windows. It can be gratis or paid.


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I have searched about everything on the internet and it's not possible without the jailbreak. Apple's policy doesn't let you to control you phone from the outside sources!!!


Although you can’t control the entire phone, you could consider buying a Bluetooth keyboard that can pair to multiple devices.

Then you can switch from text input on the PC to on the iphone with a quick push of a button or sliding a switch.

Mac owners reading this answer can also try software such as Typetto http://mac.eltima.com/bluetooth-keyboard.html which does this.

Lastly, install Airserver http://www.airserver.com/ on the computer so you can see what you are typing easier— you wont have to be looking at the iphone screen once you launch the desired app and tap into a text input field.

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