I would like to play Witcher 3, but my PC GPU is way too slow for that. Is there an app that would let me play this game remotely, with the A/V streamed online?

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    For the money you would spend monthly, over 6 months for bandwidth that high you could just buy a r9 270x and play the game locally.
    – cybernard
    Jul 21 '15 at 22:18

TL;DR: I believe cloud gaming for such high profile games is not currently possible. Perhaps it will be in a few years time

While Steam does offer a streaming service, it is meant to be used on local networks. PlayStation Now also offers streaming services for PlayStation 3 games. However, trying to stream a high-end video game like Witcher 3 online would result in several setbacks due to the current state of technology.These include:

  • Video compression: Streamed games won't have a high enough framerate or look as good as ones played locally
  • Bandwidth draining: This applies especially if your ISP sets a quota on your bandwidth. Streaming video will take care of that in no time
  • Latency and visual feedback: Your controls have to be transmitted online every time you press a button and the resulting video would have to be transmitted back many times every second. Unless you are very close to the server location, and have a super fast internet connection (such as fiber), then it's highly unlikely that the game would be playable
  • Copyright laws: For a service to stream playable video games online, they have to have the right to distribute the game. I also assume that would come with a subscription fee

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