I would like to use a password manager that creates revisions for every (saved) change.

I don’t want to build something myself (e.g., using text files), so it should be a dedicated application (but it’s fine if the application uses tools like Git and GnuPG, as long as I don’t have to set them up or manually invoke them).
I don’t mind if it’s text-based or if it has a GUI.

Currently I’m using Revelation, but it lacks the revision feature.

These revisions should be

  • per entry or per field, not a full revision of all entries
  • created automatically, ideally after each manual save
  • browsable, ideally with a (graphical) diff
  • saved forever, ideally also for deleted entries
  • saved encrypted, ideally in the same file/database as the current data

The password manager should

  • save the sensitive data encrypted
  • offer at least fields for URL, username and password, but ideally allow to add custom fields
  • let me list all entries
  • offer a search/filter function, ideally searching over all fields, and optionally only in specific fields
  • let me export all my data (ideally including revisions) in some common format

A solution must be a FLOSS and run natively on GNU/Linux.

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    What are your requirements on the password manager aspect? Going strictly by your description, a bunch of text files (one per entry) on an encrypted volume stored under any version control system would do. Feb 21, 2015 at 12:44
  • @Gilles: Right, thanks -- I’ve updated the question.
    – unor
    Feb 21, 2015 at 18:25

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KeePass 2 has a history for every entry (automatically updated).

It runs on Linux, however I think it was ported from Windows, and the Linux version looks a little ugly.

I think it does everything else you list except showing a diff between revisions.

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