Looking for a free Drupal theme with the following features:

  • based on Bootstrap 3
  • has implemented as shortcodes all (most) of features what Bootstrap 3 has, e.g:
    • tabs
    • accordions
    • buttons, wells
    • paging, breadcrumbs
    • font-awesome icons
    • styled tables
    • etc.
    • scrollspy & affixed sidebar (would be nice)
  • and plus, has implemented additional component for mega-menus

(Asking here, because themes for Drupal contain PHP, e.g. "software", and unfortunately theme recommendations on Drupal Stack Exchange are forbidden and searching drupal.org for themes isn't easy.)

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Have a look at the contributed theme Bootstrap Business, which is a sub-theme of the Bootstrap theme. It should fit quite a few of your requirements.

Some months ago I did some type of comparison of various bootstrap subthemes, and this subtheme turned out to be the best alternative available.

If it doesn't entirely fit your requirements, I suggest you have a look at the Drupal Bootstrap Documentation and use it to create your own custom subtheme, starting from the Bootstrap theme as your base theme.

  • I abandoned Drupal - so can't check-verify the answer. So, accepting it blindly - thank you.
    – clt60
    Nov 21, 2015 at 14:19

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