It's not overly difficult to build a wrapper of someones RESTfull HTTP API using something like: urllib2 or requests.

However, there is still a decent amount of generic boilerplate required.

Are there any decent frameworks around which reduce the amount of boilerplate required to consume 3rd-party APIs?

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So far my research has come up with:


Asynchronous RESTful API consumer for Python. Finch is focused on remove all of the boilerplate related to consuming http based APIs and provide a high level abstraction to develop API clients.


Hammock is a fun module lets you deal with rest APIs by converting them into dead simple programmatic APIs.


Wrapping web APIs made easy. Tortilla uses a bit of magic to wrap APIs. Whenever you get or call an attribute of a wrapper, the URL is appended by that attribute's name or method parameter.


I've had a good experience using CherryPy (http://docs.cherrypy.org/en/stable/tutorials.html?highlight=rest#tutorial-7-give-us-a-rest)

Also, I haven't tried it (which is what brought me to this question) but it seems like Eve might be a good option too


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