Orhan Özkerçin

I have several passions one of them is playing and watching chess games. Since I was a child I'm into chess and like to watch master's games.

My other and probably most loved passion is listening to EDM music. After high school, music became part of my life and I really enjoy making some mix on my own and listening to EDM music. My other big passion is also my job. I love creating things on my own. That's why programming is exciting for me. For me being able to create things that people always use is very incredible. Since 6th grade, I was creating websites with cms' like MyBB and WordPress. All of my websites are offline now because some of them I sold (like frmmaster.com) and some of them I earned some pocket money and closed.

After I start university I tried a couple of things. I studied languages such as C, C++, and C# but none of them interest me so much. When I went to Romania to study at Babes Bolyai University I discover web programming. Since then, I am studying web development. I really love the Javascript world and want to improve myself in this direction. Here are some of the technologies I'm currently studying:

• Javascript

• Typescript

• Angular

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