I am gibble, I am a "Land Shark", now before you are asking: what is a land shark know that I don't know too, ask Gamefreek! I have SandVeil as my ability and my held item is: Mac Book Pro! I have 252 EVs in my HP and Special Attack, I also have 4 EVs in Speed. My moves are: DracoMeteor, EarthQuake, Rest(because DragonDance is not able to be learned by me), and finally ShadowClaw. I suck in competitive... I love the Ground, and I want to be (and am) I cool Dragon. I am the ONLY pokemon that I know that knows to code, and it is very fun! My egg groups are: Monster and Dragon. My base IV yield is 67 Gen. IV 60 V+. My leveling rate is Slow. My height is 2'04" or 0.7 m. My Gender Ratio is: 50/50. I weigh 45.2 lbs or 20.5 kg. My catch rate is 45 (11.9%). My Base Stats:

HP:50 Attack:70 Defense:45 Sp. Atk:40
Sp. Defence:45 Speed:42


Origin Appearance-wise, Gible seems like a cross between a European dragon and a shark. Gible and its evolved forms may also be a reference to the book After Man. One species mentioned is a type of land shark that lives in desert regions.

Name origin Gible may be a combination of gobble or ground and nibble.

Fukamaru may be a combination of 鱶 fuka (shark) and 丸 maru (round; also a suffix in young boy's names), and may also play on 深まる fukamaru (to deepen, to become deep)

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