I am a Sr Software Engineer with Java and Scala microservices, certified Architect and Technical Leader, contributing to open source, Quora Top Writer and being open to remote opportunities with such technologies, working from Bucharest, Romania. Interested in fast data, reactive systems.

After few years with matrix numerical computations, I spent the next 15 years building Java & Scala services, open source contributer in Lightbend Akka, Apache Kafka and Spring Cloud. I iterate prototypes agile way, do technical coaching, high performance/cost ratio, distributed systems / cloud, clean code.

Contributed to opensource projects Apache Kafka (Scala) & Spring Cloud Consul (Java). Graduated 12 online courses in big data, functional/reactive programming with Scala, Haskell and distributed systems, cloud computing, algorithms.

My aim is towards highly concurrent distributed systems and toward functional programming.

A self-starter, strongly motivated individual, able to work by priority, as part of a team. Positive can-do attitude. Wanting to focus on technical communication and team work rather than individual performance.

Love distributed systems, the high performance and high availability, I like functional programming languages e.g. Scala, reactive programming patterns e.g. streams, monads and such high level abstractions, allowing to compose a big system with several abstractions levels but an efficient run time/space. I like to learn and to resolve interesting problems.

I love taking part of designing, prototyping and building distributed resilient asynchronous non blocking systems. Declarative programming, monadic composition and type richness, the power in saying "what"‚Äč needs done, not how, and in being transparent about side effects in the types. Reactive programming. strong intuition on the way stream/pipeline systems function. abstractions over parallelism and concurrency, mixing the resilience of async infrastructure with abstractions which makes easy to understand, compose, reason about and change systems.

https://www.infoq.com/profile/Nicolae-Marasoiu (one article on reactive programming) https://www.quora.com/profile/Nicolae-Marasoiu (Quora Top Writer 2018; top author on 10+ topics) https://www.hackerrank.com/nmarasoiu (FP)

Please find more about me by googling marasoiu java

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