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Volodymyr Nechyporuk-Zloy

From professional point of view, my main activity is the management of the equipment, research and education. I am interested in application of mathematics in microscopy and I try to implement and improve modern imaging equipment quality control technologies. I have experience in two-photon STED imaging system building and single-molecule imaging. Recently, I participated in successful Wellcome Trust Grant preparation in Multi-photon Microscopy. Meanwhile, I have created 3 imaging and microscopy courses, viz. Basics of Optical Microscopy, Principles of Advanced Microscopy, and Image Perception, Processing and Analysis. I also try to contribute to the imaging/microscopy community through linkedin networking [more than 26K contacts/1K posts], connecting academia, industry and government together, PhD thesis and paper review. I am a Honorable Editor for the Journal of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Sports Medicine. I consult and advise imaging companies on advanced microscopy, e.g. super-resolution microscopy. My homepage: http://microscopy.me which is slightly outdated.

As a facility manager, I am very often busy with routine staff. To be more efficient, I have decided right now to be concentrated on Applied Mathematics in Microscopy and Imaging. Particularly, I am working with Foundation of Image Analysis [Set Theory, Different Types of Logic]; Algebra in Imaging [Clifford Algebra]; Probability and Statistics [Colocalization]; and Numerical Analysis [Point Spread Function Modelling, Image Momentum, Chebyshev and Krawchuk polynomials].

If you have an interesting imaging or microscopy problem, I would be happy to contribute.

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