Peter Jirak Eldritch

I am a dedicated, hard-working, passionate introvert who enjoys using technology to solve problems for people. I enjoy working with others to apply technology to provide solutions to my customers and to their customers. I believe that working together we create better, more powerful, more efficient, higher quality solutions than by working alone.

I have worked in a variety of object-oriented languages and technologies. I am an experienced SQL database application engineer. I have worked in object-oriented Perl, Ruby, and Python. I support the use of automated testing to assure fewer defects and to reduce the likelihood of regression. I believe that standards like PEP 8 as well as peer code reviews help us produce more maintainable, more readable code.

I am a full-stack and back-end engineer who is interested in using technologies like AWS s3 and others to create highly scalable architecture that allows one's web application to grow from dozens of users to hundreds of thousands of users. I have had a variety of experiences including 2.25 years at AWS -- Amazon's Web Services in the CloudWatch Department as a Senior System Development Engineer. I have a lot of experience with automation, integration, and system engineering.

I am a full stack engineer primarily with emphasis on the back-end. I have some experience with Python-Tornado and Python-Django. I have experience with Ruby. I have extensive experience with Perl.

I am opinionated, but I am also a good listener and eager to understand others' perspectives. In solving a problem I like to get as much information form my customer as possible. Whether working alone or working with others, I tend to like to work iteratively, providing small functional deliverables to my customer to assure that my solution is solving their problem. Iterative implementation cycles are a powerful method to assure one's solutions meet the needs of one's customers. When working with others I like to have a short standup at some point during the day so we can discuss what we did yesterday, what our plans are for today, and any roadblocks or challenges. I tend to make myself available throughout the day so that I can collaborate ad hoc with others as needed. I have done some paired programming on occasion. It is time-consuming but can produce high quality results.

My goal always is to use technology to solve problems for people because no matter how far in the back end one is -- working with message queues, integrating solutions using APIs, modeling data, automating, or reporting -- one is creating technology that serves people. What can you expect from me?

A flexible, adaptable, responsive engineer who listens and is focused on his customers. Someone dedicated to finding innovative solutions to his customers' and their customers' needs. My job is to know things, but it is also to listen. My job is to work with you and our customers to provide value.

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