Sebastian Neferu

My first passion is experiencing life through as many positive conduits as my time allows. My first vocation is forging art through as many creative outlets as my effort allows. The main expression of my passion is investigating Nature as an independent researcher. The main expression of my vocation is writing literature as a popular story-teller. I am twice-blessed, for my passion and my vocation support one another: experiencing life provides me with fresh insight for the expression of my art, and forging art provides me with new direction for the fulfillment of my life.

My main occupation – which provides me with enough income to finance my passion, while also allowing me enough time to pursue my vocation – is developing and designing web sites and mobile apps. I am very good at what I do, in part because I make use of the skills and traits I gained while pursuing my passion and my vocation.

I use my research expertise to perform experiments in order to learn the best SEO techniques, which I then apply to development so as to optimize my sites for traffic generation, and I use my writing expertise in order to learn the best content marketing strategies, which I then apply to design so as to optimize my sites for traffic conversion.

I have learned to work tenaciously, to pursue excellence relentlessly, to explore concepts in-depth, to acquire a breadth of useful knowledge, to seek creative solutions to diverse problems, to adapt my approach to the requirements of each project, to tap into the best counsel and resources, and much, much more.

I code each site and app by hand, without resorting to the shortcuts and tricks employed by others of my trade, with the goal of creating the highest quality sites and apps attainable today.

My business is promoting your business. Take a look at my portfolio website where I showcase my work, and feel free to contact me should you require my services.

Thank you for your interest!

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