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Desktop version of/front-end to Google Translate
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The Google Translate website allows you to upload documents as well as typing in text, you could also run an Android emulator and run the android app to translate images of the manual pages

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Tool for making PDFs in VB.Net
1 votes

SharpPDF is an open source dot Net library that you can use to generate PDF's programmatically.

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Photo viewing app to use for viewing comics which stays zoomed in between photos
1 votes

Quivi is an open source image viewer, available on Sourceforge, that I use to read manga and manhwa. One of the options you can set is the "fit" of the image when its is opened. From the ...

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Tool to write a scheduled job that sends an email every 5 minutes using .Net core & SQL Server
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I have two suggestions My first solution would be to use SQL Server Agent to run a Stored Procedure at the time intervals required. Use sp_send_dbmail to send emails from within the Stored procedure. ...

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