My umbilical chord was an ethernet cable. We didn't have wifi back then. JK. I didn't have a computer or dial-up till about 8-9 years old.

I enjoy a good challenge, even to the point of pulling my hair out in frustration, but I can easily recognize defeat... but is it defeat?

Great feeling when you overcome your challenges and prove your biggest critics wrong.

MAC, PC, LINUX, they are all the same heap of bits that *NIX takes the cake, but Apple stuck a fork in it and polished it all up... Those bastards. Worked as an ACMT Apple Tech in Hawaii.

I enjoy making my Raspberry Pi's and love the efforts done by the community.

I enjoy all kinds of higher lvl lang: {[C, Python, JavaScript, Node, PHP, HTMLx].splice(4); }

I mostly enjoying JavaScript and it's many every evolving and growing collection of frameworks... a great Convolution Revolution.

I love Node-red, and the awesome development efforts and support from Nick O' Leary and contributions from many others.

I can read a manual, or textbook material before fictional BS.

Sci-Fi Movie Rant: I love StarWars and StarTrek... If I had each hanging from my arm over a cliff and I'd have to pick one to save, it would be Starwars. BUT some of the episodes (non original trilogy) are kinda funky-town... So in that case I'd rather have a good StarTrek to fill the gaps. I'm convinced these last 3 episodes weren't make to appeal to real fans, just so they can regurgitate another "Remake" to psych everyone up that it's going to be better.

I also enjoy Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics, and lectures on youtube : Einstein Feynman Susskind PBS SpaceTime Coding Tutorials etc etc etc

I'm a firm believer a good efficient programmer of many languages can see and understand logistics and be a valuable component to help congress and politics make their functions far less inefficient, and more logical. Problem is, most good programmers are smart enough to not be a politician. They leave that up to the lawyers, because a programmer must adhere to working with truths..

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