Waterreedshimmer Dracchingan

2019 to do list:

  • Studying to become children professor. Also studying for some kind of art professor contest that has to do with my hobbies.
  • Doing tons of sports, although I am null at them all, doing more the 5 sports, some I just try a little. Has intention to do more then 10 different activities this years, but some are just try once.
  • Loves writing, intends to write most about herself: handcrafts (but not this year, no time), art and paranormal, Ubuntu Studio 18.04 self use, science mixed with science-fiction as lifestyle. Trying to get back at writing, also have 2 school writing projects to re-write.
  • I am not at school neither at university anymore, but as studying to become children professor I also have school projects to write. And as studying for one more contest, I'll have to find a time to visit all art museums, and to write better about what I want that concerns one of my hobbie creations done once not for a purpose.
  • Computer tidy up. More then 10 years files with no tidy up.
  • Was paranoid about virus in the computer. Had lost 1 year of files in Windows. Hopes not to have to come back to Windows.
  • Would like to get out more often, needs courage.
  • Past: gamer, but stopped it completely.
  • Possible future: handcraft hand-made jewelry, website with nice gouache or pencil illustrations, writing about herself but in a weird perspective, and children professor (here we will start at trainee level).
  • You said I am a mysterious user, sometimes I think so also. But still this year I am giving a try for myself to become someone =)

Studies: I have bac+4 in linguistics, but I don't wish to continue it as they had put out all intellectuals, and as the new ones still hide from us what is the true use of what we learn? I only did receive 2 years of social help in hole life around 32y/o. I will only have access to the world of jobs if I succeed in a contest. If I succeed in a contest, I have more chances to find a trainee job then a full paid job. As I don't have bac+5 yet, I won't be paid full even in full time non-trainee jobs. But if I succeed in any professor contest I will be able, when I want and when I can, to apply either for a children professor Master 2, either for any Master 2 where they prefer having people that have a side work no matter what is the job in fact. In 2019 I will be 37 y/o that's why t's important for me to succeed in both personal and professional (professor contest) matters. So I don't expect much of the money word, but I do wish to enter in it one day =)

  • Waterreedshimmer = a female name, was a website that did translate Fran├žoise in a fairy language.
  • Dracchingan = my past gamer name. I only use it in social games. But I'm not playing them now. But I did kept it in Facebook. Means: the dragon with a sharringan.
  • Faie Turritopsis Dohrnii = The name of my self-business company, copyrighted, means: the jellyfish immortal fairy.
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