I'm a (mainly PHP) software engineer, and would find time to learn Node if it wasn't for all these pesky projects that keep cropping up :).


  • CURRENT I'm working on a crawler-based web app to refresh job data directly from employer sites, and to present it on a searchable map. It's in prototype form, but it does work, even if the UX needs a fair bit of improvement.
  • CURRENT I have a side-project PHP-based proxy server to record requests passing through. It is highly customisable, and connects together using Docker.
  • FINISHED I've written a PHP application development tutorial for beginners. Code changes are illustrated in diffs and are explained in the text from first principles. Give it a go, and feel free to add feedback.
  • FINISHED I have a PHP project to launch a real web server in the background, and to easily integrate that with PhantomJS. This is useful for functional testing an application.
  • FINISHED If you have seen a programming tutorial online with serious security issues, let Awooga know about it or tweet it to me. An alpha project to report non-optimal tutorials - there's a lot of 'em. This is on hold, but get in touch if you'd like to help.

About me

  • I have interests in teaching programming, web crawling and P2P technology, as well as several other ideas.
  • I've written about how to ask questions on StackOverflow. I am an active voter here, and will often down-vote questions that have not been researched, feature unabashed direct requests for solutions, or if some substantial assistance has not been replied to. That said, I do try to be nice to beginners!

If you'd like to get in touch, find the 'About' page of my blog: there's an email address there. In theory I am on Twitter, but in practice I very rarely sign in.

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