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I work as in IT Consultant for a local county government. Most of my work revolves around administering 5 MDT deployment shares (with a slick little master boot thumb drive image I developed) and a relatively new SCCM 2012 environment.

right now my primary languages are in order of heavy to lightest use

  • PowerShell
  • C#
  • VBScript/VBA

Working a lot lately on writing an entire PowerShell provider for a wiki content service we use in house to ultimately tie into our SCCM for right click auto documentation and retrieval.


I Mostly spend time with my wife and our 4 year old son playing, learning and all the awesome stuff you get to do with your kids.

I've started VERY little playing around with my new Raspberry PI 2. I've got Windows 10 IoT Core loaded and already wrote and pushed a couple "playing around apps" Really hoping to get more time to dive into programming the hardware side of things if only just as an "Hey I'm curious" Hobby


I used to play video games but it's been a LONG time since my 360 was even on. But my wife did tell me she put a preorder down on a Fallout 4 custom Xbox One for me so it might be time to dust off the video game skills soon.

I love to cook and bake. I'm no bobby flay but I make some tasty food IMHO. My family enjoys it at least.

I pretty much spend my other time clearing stuff off our DVR (Metalocalypse, Venture Bros., Archer and pretty much anything else on Adult Swim that doesn't SUCK [Looking at you Tim and Eric])

Oh yeah somewhere in there I sleep


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