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An alternative to Google Docs for mostly-following text by a single author
1 votes

EtherCalc could be a replacement, it is a simple and efficient "web spreadsheet". simple to use ✔ It is as simple as LibreOffice calc or its windows equivalent, so I would say that it is at least ...

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Free site to host MP3 files for download/streaming
1 votes Hosts files up to 200 mB in size (bigger is better) ? Accessible on PC/iOS/Android ✔ Free to host and free for users ✔ Host allows for both downloading and streaming ✔ ...

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How to monitor webpages for changes?
0 votes

What solution have you tried ? If a minimum of human intervention is acceptable, the firefox plug-in Update Scanner might just be what you're looking for. Features: Select how often each ...

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