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Creative developer what does it mean ?.
Besides software developer, I'm a 3d artist (with 15 years of experience).
I'm the kind of ideal person if you want:

  • To develop something that also needs to be constructed.
  • That also requires marketing demo's, films animations to convince people.
  • If you need mechanical concepts, 3d printed etc.

I worked on medical cameras, airport security, robotics, 3d vision, and industrial machines.
I created machines for optics. Machines that were in development and did not exist yet, that required creative thinking.

I might be good in the game industry as well with my c++ and c#, and graphics experience.
As if you need style, well... I paint and sculpt stone, and draw people.

Possibly I could work in architecture I can make movies and mix 3d animations with my drone. So you'll see the building before it is built, in place. Of course, I could do the same with machines and products.

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