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I'm a project maintainer leading a team of F# and Rust developers, and looking to expand this team (and hire Linux DevOps specialists and/or build engineers). Get in touch if you want to know more.

If you're interested in my technical background, read below:

In the low-level front, I've used Assembly, C, C++, and starting to learn Rust.

In the too-high-level (lol) front, I've used PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, but not willing to use them again if I can avoid it.

These days all my new code is written in F# (or TypeScript if I need to use some JavaScript library), although I still need to touch a lot of C# code.

When I was freelancing, I was willing to learn Gleam in case I had to interoperate with any BEAM-based language, or Ceylon/Frege (along with ParparVM if iOS is needed) or maybe Swift, in case I needed to implement mobile apps and they didn't let me use MAUI+F#.

In regards to databases, I'm an old-school guy who thinks normalized data usually beats any NoSQL/NewSQL solution, except for rare BigData indexing/denormalization scenarios.

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