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Brian Reischl

I've been in software development since about 2000. Too late for Y2K or the .COM bubble, but maybe that's for the best.

I'm currently working on telling people what their HomeAway vacation rental will cost. Little bit of MongoDB, dash of RabbitMQ, pinch of WebAPI, lots of C#, and a soupçon of Java.

Before that I worked on Glassboard, a private group messaging application. Think Facebook, except private. I created the entire web application, and quite a bit of the hidden inner working (ie, back end). It was all hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, so I did a lot of work on that. Glassboard has since been acquired by Second Gear Software, which has been doing great things with it.

Before that I did all sorts of fun things at NewsGator. I mostly worked on the various RSS based tools that they did prior to the current SocialSites craze, such as the newsreader, backend services, firehose, and widgets. I did do some of the initial work on SocialSites 2010, starting from File->New Solution, but I've been out of it for over four years now.

Prior to being a developer I worked help desk and phone support. It was good training for dealing with people in general, and very frustrated people in particular. I also learned how to debug dialup internet issues by listening to the modem handshake over the phone. People were so impressed by that, it's almost enough to make me miss 56Kbps modems. Almost.

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