Carles Alcolea

I'm somehow addicted to learning in general, always have. I have a great job where I can freely explore and learn from programming to chemistry, physics, marketing, history... I'm a long shot from being a polymath. I'm a jack of all trades, specialized in nothing :)

Thus, the internet, IMHO only seconded by the invention of writing as best thing ever, is extra awesome for someone like me.

That free time is reduced to very little since I'm using it all. I'm the founder and CEO of a non-profit biotech doing clinical research in neuroscience. Weird combination, tell me about it! I'm also co-founder and CEO of a small game dev company; very recent so the first game is under exciting development :D. I'm also a business consultant, more for the fun of it than for the money.

I try to give back through (very little) writing in my blog: hadtobreakit.com, asking and answering here in StackExchange, helping directly other developers, business owners and so on, contributing to some open-source projects, mentoring people in startups. I'm also in one of those sites where I can loan money without financial ROI to entrepreneurs and students in developing countries. If you can afford it, please consider giving a hand to those who aren't as lucky as we are.

Support the free internet of the future. The internet is the best thing to have happened to humanity right after the written word. Use it, share it, protect it.

To get in touch just drop me a line at my gmail account: nmaxcom.

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