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Free Windows program to save screenshots immediately on a key press
15 votes

I used the free version of Screenpresso to take screenshots for documentation of a web application. The context menu of the taskbar icon for comparison: I liked that you can define a capture region, ...

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GUI app to create maps made up of polygons
Accepted answer
10 votes

Have you tried Inkscape? It's free and seems to meet your requirements: You cannot have anchored vertices, where one vertice of the first polygon automatically follows another vertice of the second ...

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Word translation tool with mouse click?
Accepted answer
9 votes

There is Lingoes for on-screen translation with lots of free dictionaries: It comes along with text capture plugins for Firefox, Chrome and Acrobat / Acrobat Reader. HINT: You should run Lingoes as ...

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Generate random melody along a given chord progression?
5 votes

I have found the dinosaur: Impro-Visor. Here are my first experiences: 1. Setup be sure to have a 32-bit Java VM at hand; to avoid undesirable interaction with my previous installation, I used a ...

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Guitar chords application with a catalogue of fingering charts and alternate chord symbols
1 votes

The one that I found is a Flash application called chordbook. It provides diagrams for chord types shown below together with their inversions (for alternative positions). However, it does not fit ...

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