I've worked as an application developer and engineer for over 10 years professionally.

My resume includes IBM, Columbia University (applications for their cog sci reseach and AI), Booz Allen Hamilton, Wells Fargo (brough php5 to Wells Fargo/Wachovia during their merger) and several others.

My foundation is in C and C++...Unix. On the backend I am a self proclaimed php ninja and proud of it. While learning php I created a custom content management system on IIS, before MS supported PHP, the database of record for thousands of products from print material, 3 other database and a legacy static website with over 2000 pages of static content. The cms was personalized for users and used many similar marketing techniques of that of online bookstores at the time ("if user bought this product then show them products they might also be interested in).

On the front end I am also a a rockstar which often confuses most as either one is stronger in the backend or in the frontend.

There have been many situations where either many attempted to "fix" an application for a couple years and were unsuccessful whereas when it fell into my lap I did what most felt was impossible.

I conquered Google's Algo updates that threw a client completely off google after 10 years of black hat seo tricks in about a week and half without completely wiping the entire site (client did not want too much change but also their phones stopped ringing). I've been told that what I did was impossible but the phones began ringing and the sales went right back to normal pace, if not better than before.

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