Jan Klan

I am a software developer whose life-long passion turned out to be his profession. I have initiated and organically grown multiple successful businesses throughout the years. I am proficient in multiple aspects of business processes including staff management, financial management, HR, customer relations, project management, requirements analysis and the software development itself. I strive to deliver results as promised. 

One of my expertise is being able to understand non-IT people’s demands and bringing forth their ideas and being able to translate their ideas to the IT people on my team, which leads to a mutual understanding of the client’s expectations.

I am a full stack web developer using Symfony3 and Craft CMS in conjunction with MySQL, Doctrine, Twig, HTML5, CSS3, Less, Gulp, PHPUnit and others. Having said that, I've used JavaScript-based tools and frameworks such as Angular 2+ for my daily development and so far it looks like I'm going to stay in the JS world for a while. A I am very particular about website performance on both front end and back end. All my web applications run on Nginx or Apache, usually within Vagrant or Docker, whatever suits better. I use Git for source code versioning.  I am able to use any mainstream OS and I am currently using Mac OS X.

I wish to focus my future on web-related software development. All other non-development activities I have done over the past few years have helped me to see the bigger picture while creating software, but the actual programming is what I truly enjoy. I would like to explore new opportunities and methods of software development in order to create better software more efficiently. Things like GraphQL and React are in my spotlight right now.

I enjoy solving challenging problems and coming up with new solutions to difficult tasks.  Being a team member surrounded by other skilled people and being able to absorb and also pass on knowledge is extremely important for me.

Although I am familiar with WordPress, Magento and some other massively used systems, I don’t use them in business environment.

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