A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

when seeking recommendations for email clients. An email client is any program used to view email.
110 questions
Software to design, create, or test user interfaces.
109 questions
Software specifically for Windows 8. Please tag with [windows] instead unless your question involves functions specific to Windows 8.
108 questions
Google's online applications, including Google Mail, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Calendar, etc.
106 questions
manage changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information.
105 questions
Recommendations for software that can capture the entire screen, or specific areas of the screen, to an image file or online storage.
103 questions
Converting office documents between different formats (e.g. MS-Word to ODT, or PDF to HTML). For media conversion, please use the 'media-converter' tag instead.
102 questions
specifically when seeking recommendations relating to Microsoft SQL Server. For general database questions use the [database] tag.
101 questions
software using the "HyperText Transfer Protocol" (HTTP). Before using this tag, please check if a more specific tag such as 'web-browser', 'web-server', or 'web-apps' might be a better fit.
101 questions
Recommendations for software, extensions and tools related to Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE.
101 questions
if you're looking for a wiki implementation/engine, converters between different wiki syntaxes, wiki plugins, or similar wiki-related software.
99 questions
Software that protects the user's private information from unwanted interrogation from others.
99 questions
Use this question when seeking recommendations for financial software.
99 questions
Any question regarding machine learning should have this tag. Learning from data is mainly used for prediction, classification, regression, clustering, decision making.
98 questions
create or modify diagrams.
98 questions
For software used during the development of video games.
97 questions
when seeking recommendations for educational software.
96 questions
software using the "File Transfer Protocol" (FTP).
95 questions
Software that interacts with a physical camera
95 questions
the computer operating system for Apple Computer's Macintosh line of personal computers and workstations. A popular feature of its latest version, Mac OS X , is a desktop interface with some…
95 questions
for recommendations regarding search-engine questions
94 questions
Software that, or software that interacts with other software that, aids in the design of graphical art.
93 questions
when seeking software to create and edit HTML documents (typically web pages).
91 questions
software solutions involving the "Secure SHell"
91 questions
Software that interacts with the internet
91 questions
software working with "plain text" documents (AKA "ASCII files").
90 questions
Software that (or interacts with software that) synchronizes data from one (or more) location(s) to one (or more) other location(s)
90 questions
Software that interacts with online commerce solutions.
89 questions
the process of transforming still images into a series of images that resemble a movement. Tools that enable you to create or modify animations should use this tag. Tools that show animat…
88 questions
88 questions
For software that relies on the Global Positioning System.
88 questions
Software that interacts with or creates notifications
88 questions
88 questions
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