A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

an open source distributed version control system originally designed and written by Linus Torvalds.
an attribute of a tool (most likely a web-app) that allows interacting with a service (e.G. storage, calculation etc.) that is hosted on external machines.
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where interaction with mobile devices plays a central role (e.g. Making calls, checking messages, displaying content)
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to be used for questions asking for recommendations for proper document management systems (DMS).
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Questions relating to optical character recognition (OCR) software.
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For recommendations for software that interoperates with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software.
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An iOS app specifically directed to iPhones
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Where teams work together at one task, e.g. the same document or code, the piece of software used must be able handling that. Use this tag if that's a requirement to the software you're looking for.
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Stream of debugging-information from a program, usually with timestamp and other meta information. Use when you want to analyze, display or otherwise interact with log files / streams.
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for software (typically Web apps) running on a server you control
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Visually representing any concept, emotion, or item. Drawings can be generated by humans, animals, or computers.
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when asking for recommendations concerning remote access software and remote access clients.
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Software required for a computer to enable it for delivering content from a private or public website.
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Generic software that displays multimedia content. Combine with "video", "audio" or other appropriate tag that makes clear what media you want to play.
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For questions asking for game recommendations meeting specific criteria.
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For software that processes data encoded in JavaScript Object Notation.
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when asking for software that monitors network traffic, intrusions and connection stability (amongst others).
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graphical representation of data. Charts can help you visualize vast amounts of data in a way that is easily understood.
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if you're looking for either an application which can or should store its data in the cloud or if you're looking for a server-side software providing cloud-based storage.
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Software that transmits audio or video, or both, over the internet.
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when asking for image editing software. When asking questions using this tag ensure that you include information relating to the formats you want support for and the key features you requ…
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The process of storing, processing and accessing data and information.
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Software that reads or modifies XML content.
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Software for recording screen and audio activity on your computer, such as recording software demonstrations and game play in games.
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specifically when seeking recommendations relating to Microsoft SQL Server. For general database questions use the [database] tag.
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Any question regarding machine learning should have this tag. Learning from data is mainly used for prediction, classification, regression, clustering, decision making.
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a feature requirement when seeking a recommendation.
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Software that interacts with or provides a viewer for PDF documents
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Software to design, create, or test user interfaces.
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