A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 251
For requests for recommendations of security software. Before using this tag, make sure there's no more specific tag for the software you're after.
× 246
programs that manipulate, enhance, or convert images
× 244
in addition to the 'linux' tag for questions where integration in the default Ubuntu interface is a requirement. If you're just looking for Linux software and happen to be running Ubuntu,…
× 236
Software to create or restore data backups.
× 235
software for the management of a project, be it roadmap, issue tracking, support tickets, collaborative development, or related tasks.
× 227
Software for music playback and musical performance. Media players and media libraries are included.
× 226
if you look for software to be used on the command-line or in shell scripts.
× 214
when asking for software related to an Integrated Development Environment.
× 213
if you're looking for a library or program written in C, or software that consumes or produces C source code.
× 209
A software development framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems with support on Linux through Mono.
× 208
Recommendations for applications, extensions, and plugins related to Mozilla's Firefox web browser.
× 201
a platform used to build websites that are easily edited by multiple users.
× 200
the general tag for programs that allow manipulation, categorization and all other interactions with photographs.
× 194
Software to aid in the editing and post-processing of video.
× 194
the act of looking on the processes or systems for performance, supervision and surveillance.
× 188
Taking written notes. Notes can include free-form text, sketches, and lists.
× 186
For recommendations for software to be used as a programmer. Please consider adding a more specific tag such as [library], [api], [ide] and the programming language you're using.
× 185
when seeking software recommendations to relay instant text messages over the Internet, either between individual or to a private or public group.
× 183
when asking for software that needs to run on multiple platforms.
× 183
A collection of common functions, that enable the programmer in a consistent way, to have common tasks handled automatically. Combine with a language tag.
× 178
Software that creates and/or interacts with graphs
× 172
When seeking recommendations for software that interacts with the World Wide Web. This is not for seeking recommendations for web sites.
× 167
when seeking software recommendations that relate to testing software for bug discovery and removal, application reliability, interface responsiveness, throughput speed, or other developm…
× 164
For software (plugins etc.) that needs to work with WordPress, the PHP-based content management system.
× 164
if you require the software to support encryption.
× 162
Use this when you're looking for a library or application written for the JavaScript engine Node.js.
× 160
File synchronization covers the synchronization of files between two devices or between a device and server or cloud service.
× 159
Software to display days, weeks, months, years, and the like. Most let you interact with the calendar to show appointments or similar information.
× 153
Requests for applications or tools for the efficient use and control of the time in specific tasks or activities with the purpose of raising productivity
× 152
explicitly for the MySQL database (server or client). Targeting "any" database, rather use the 'database' tag.
× 151
an attribute of a tool (most likely a web-app) that allows interacting with a service (e.G. storage, calculation etc.) that is hosted on external machines.
× 147
a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over the World Wide Web.
× 147
Software that uses, manipulates, or creates a three-dimensional space.
× 146
to be used for questions asking for recommendations for proper document management systems (DMS).
× 143
Where teams work together at one task, e.g. the same document or code, the piece of software used must be able handling that. Use this tag if that's a requirement to the software you're looking for.
× 143
an open source distributed version control system originally designed and written by Linus Torvalds.