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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 2973
Software to run on the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.
× 1877
Software free of financial cost. For software that includes the source code, [open-source] is the best tag. Software can be either [gratis] or [open-source], or both. Only use this tag if "gratis" is…
× 1666
software to run on the Android operating system. For non-recommendation questions, please ask on, or for programming Android applications.
× 1604
Software to run on the Linux operating system.
× 1416
Software required to be open-source. This is not to be confused with "gratis" software, which is free of cost. Open-source, sometimes called "free" or "libre" software, has the original source code fr…
× 1132
Software that has a user interface appearing in a web browser. These applications may run on third-party servers or be self-hosted.
× 798
code libraries to write programs to accomplish specific tasks. Please use this tag together with one for the associated programming language.
× 717
JavaScript libraries, frameworks, plugins and JavaScript software development tools
× 689
Software requests regarding python programming language, Python IDE's, and Python development tools.
× 668
libraries for Java and Java development tools
× 557
Software to run on Apple's OS X operating system.
× 546
Software tools used during the development of other software.
× 527
Software that manipulates PDF (Portable Document Format) files: converting to or from PDF, printing, editing, assembling or splitting, …
× 518
Software for a database or an application related to one or more databases . For specific databases, please use the specific tag (see wiki).
× 485
Software to create or manipulate video files.
× 476
Software related to the C++ programming language, including development environments, editors, compilers, analyzers, and libraries.
× 443
Software specifically for Windows 7. Please tag with [windows] instead unless your question involves functions specific to Windows 7.
× 420
Software related to HTML, the main markup language used in the creation of web pages.
× 420
For tools used during the development of web-app or website.
× 407
Software to run on the iOS operating system series developed and sold by Apple Inc. For questions involving Apple hardware, software, and services see also For general compute…
× 397
Software for handling images and graphics, including creating, editing, converting, organizing, and printing.
× 364
Software to create, read, record, or modify audio.
× 354
software to manage the files stored on your device(s) and/or on the network / in the cloud.
× 350
development environments (IDEs) for, libraries to use with, or products based upon the PHP language.
× 348
Libraries in C# and software to develop C# programs. C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET Framework.
× 321
Software specifically for Windows 10. Please tag with [windows] instead unless your question involves functions specific to Windows 10.
× 309
web browser software and web browser add-ons. If you are specifically looking for a Firefox or Chrome add-on/extension/plugin, use the tag [firefox] or [chrome] instead.
× 305
extensions or programs that work with Google's Chrome web browser.
× 304
software to read/write/manage emails (client-side), or to process them (server-side).
× 292
if one of the software requirements is an Application Programming Interface (API), e.g. besides a graphical user interface (GUI), commandline interface (CLI) or web interface.
× 284
Software that interacts with a network of computers or other devices.
× 278
Software to perform actions by itself without actively being supervised by a user.
× 274
Software to edit text. Also consider the `html-editor` tag, if appropriate.
× 270
for questions seeking recommendations which have a graphical user interface and where a command-line answer would be obvious but does not satisfy your needs.
× 258
Software that can be used even if no Internet connection is available.
× 249
For requests for recommendations of security software. Before using this tag, make sure there's no more specific tag for the software you're after.