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Dropbox-similar software that runs on Windows XP

From Cloud storage is all the rage, but some offerings have complicated web access and force you to download / upload manually in order to save your files. Enter MegaSync. Mega has ...
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Simple command-line utility for encryption and decryption for Windows XP

The most well known for public private key encryption is OpenSSL. You can download it here. OpenSSL is a software library for applications that secure communications over computer networks against ...
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Dropbox-similar software that runs on Windows XP

You could try out Owncloud or Nextcloud (an Owncloud fork) on your server-side. They are both open source and have free editions as well, well documented, supported, used by many big companies (e.g. ...
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indentation-based outliner? (for windows XP)

If Notepad++ supports all your requirements except for a non-tabbed interface, you're in luck! There are 2 ways to disable tabs in the Notepad++ interface: Disabling tabs in Notepad++ Create an empty ...
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Windows XP antivirus for AMD Sempron processor

ClamWinAV at least still claims to run under Windows XP, Me, 2000, and 98. You'd have to test to see if it was OK with the processor, but the fact that it goes all the way back to 98 in it's support ...
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SMNP module for Python

Easiest is, assuming no firewall problems, use: pip install -U pysnmp If you are behind a firewall that will not let you do that then can go to the pysnmp pypi page and download the egg file for ...
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