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Chrome extension for changing color based on URL

Is URLColors perhaps the extension you're looking for? This is no longer working as it turned out it had malware ...
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Alternative to Font Awesome

Friconix is my favorite Font Awesome alternative All the icons are free it uses CDN Easy to customize (explanations on the home page and Quick Started Guide are clear) I already requested an icon, ...
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Alternative to Firefox and Chrome with an element inspector?

The problem with "trustworthy" is that trust isn't something one can be recommended's something that you gotta have. (I didn't watch the video but I'm sure you can technically do a rant about ...
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IDE specifically for layout and design of regular web applications?

The new WYSIWYG editors Good for mockuping and initial design. Bad for working on an existing app. Macaw, Sketch, Pinegrow or even Photoshop + Brackets ✔ Provide higher abstractions in regards to ...
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Web API to query word frequency data

To return the relative frequency in 1 million words of the word "smartass", query: It outputs: [{"word":"...
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Web development code editor for Mac

You can try WebStorm. Based on your requirements it has: Instant autocomplete/autosuggest for HTML, CSS, and JS. I am not sure about PHP, but you try PHPStorm for that. Highlight blocks (either like ...
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4 votes

IDE with preview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript websites

Adobe Brackets provides live previews of your pages and has a lot of convenient features for web developers. From their site: Also, there are plugins like W3C Validation to check for errors, but I ...
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3 votes

Web crawler for detecting 404s on a local machine

You could always try scrapy - it runs under python and is cross platform and free or for something already put together there is also the python based LinkChecker - also gratis & opensource. Link ...
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Windows HTML/CSS editor that has live preview?

I'll recommend Visual Studio Code, it could exists something better than a lightweight code editor from the team that developed the most powerfull and complete IDE environment for programmers (...
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3 votes

HTML editor / IDE for beginners

Tweakstyle is a relatively new entry in the HTML code editor. It is currently in beta but has a good amount of features. Uses chrome web tools in the preview pane so you can inspect an element and ...
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3 votes

Web framework for a personal website

I recommend Joomla. It's pretty easy to learn, very flexible and has a ton of really powerful features. There are plenty of free themes out there, and alot of other great themes you can pick up for ...
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IDE for HTML5 that flags previous versions of HTML

Notepad++ with the plugin TextFX is a free solution. The issue is that TextFX has not been maintained since 2008 and has many known bugs. It does still work and is widely used, people simply put up ...
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Need a Browser Based SSH Terminal Client -- WordPress Plugin?

You can try It is not a WordPress plugin. It uses xterm.js and express so you will have to install some applications on the server-side. Another ...
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3 votes

On-premises Question & Answers website engine (Open source/commercial)

A SaaS solution, which is the closest to what you're looking for: StackOverflow for Teams or Enterprise It's StackOverflow, the closest you'll get to StackOverflow 😉 On premise
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3 votes

agile virtual whiteboard software

Use Microsoft Whiteboard It's also present inbuild inside the Microsoft Teams.
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2 votes

Modern front end web development framework

My recommendation is just learn Angular or React, as you mentioned in comments. Both of them are mature and popular, so you can easily find the documentations.
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2 votes

Software for Website Mockups (Win/Linux)

There is a which will work on all operating system, since it's a web services. Going to that site starts wire-framing experience in a second. It has tree templates: a browser window, a ...
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Alternative to for Bootstrap that I can embed in my own app's backoffice

This fits the requirements: Open source license (MIT, seems to contain some GPLv3 though). Live demo:
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Technology stack for a Linux hosted web application

I'm a fan of the LAMP stack being, in my case: Linux (you've got Ubuntu) Apache MySQL (one of the requirements) PHP There's loads of free IDEs out there for PHP, you can use Eclipse, Netbeans or many ...
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Proxy that finds and fixes encoding issues

I think for this you will need a proxy that is extensible, and you'd need to write some code to do the actual XML verification / modification. WinGate proxy server has an API and SDK which you can ...
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Web development code editor for Mac

Have you tried IntelliJ IDE. It supports all JVM languages, HTML5, Javascript, TypeScript, Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails, Other Frameworks, Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS.
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Online text editor like one used in StackExchange

If you ever need just plain text the simplest solution is to use Schrib But for what you described, I recommend StackEdit. It has code highlighting Bold, italics, underline, quotes, images, HTML... ...
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Windows HTML/CSS editor that has live preview?

It looks like the Atom editor has an atom live preview plugin. From the documentation it looks like it does what you want.
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2 votes

PDF document signing

Digital Signing PDF or document using just image is not the best option for non-repudiation. You may use Digital Signature Certificate issued by Certifying Authority in USB Token or Smartcard to ...
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2 votes

Looking for a design-to-code software like Macaw

Well, here you are: - the chief Macaw competitor, great UI. It has a free plan which allows only two pages. You can export sites created in the platform to static html; it also ...
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Web development code editor for Mac

Checkout Visual Studio Code from Microsoft. Why? Built in git support Intellisense for most languages (through extensions) Loads of other extensions Cross-platform (if you use multiple platforms) I ...
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2 votes

Web framework for a personal website

I would recommend Drupal and here’s why… I had the opportunity to build a web site using both Joomla and Drupal. I found the Joomla learning curve to be more elevated than Drupal. Joomla seemed ...
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Need to leave WordPress as blog is growing; what CMS could I use?

That's exactly what Liferay was created for. Web content management: Add/manage sites and pages, like any other CMS Written in Java Easily drag-and-drop widgets (forums/polls/files repositories/...
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Rapid web/app development tool for creating mockups

These are all free. is an online program which has many shape libraries for general use and software development. It's free. It saves to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your PC. Probably your best ...
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