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4 votes

Web API to query word frequency data

To return the relative frequency in 1 million words of the word "smartass", query: It outputs: [{"word":"...
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Free music recognition API

A test has been made to compare Gracenote and ACRCloud and it turns out ACRCloud's music recognition service is much better than Gracenote. Please refer to: Music Recognition Competition: Gracenote vs ...
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3 votes

Windows GUI Tool for testing Web-APIs

There's also Postman! Postman is not open source, but there seems to be a free version available.
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3 votes

Windows GUI Tool for testing Web-APIs works very well for me. You can do a bunch of things to aid rrequest re-use (import/export configs, workspaces, environment variables, etc). I'm not sure about "Ignoring ...
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2 votes

API to lookup by CUSIP

Vay Studio provides a free CUSIP lookup API for United States securities. They collect their data from the SEC.
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1 vote

API for Commodities Stock markets

I have used for some stock price lookups, not sure whether they also support commodity prices. There is a related Guthub page, see . Recently they sent ...
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What is the best framework to use for back-end of a website that has search functionality, and add/update records functionality

The zoo of awesome backend frameworks that would perfectly suit your use case is huge. Thus, what defines the choice is not so much the frameworks themselves but the availability of suitably trained/...
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1 vote

Google API tutorials

Don't know about google but OpenStreetMap has boundary relations which contains the inner divisions as members. e.g.
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API to lookup by CUSIP

Treasury API works only for Govt/Debt securities. Another alternative is to use OpenFIGI. It supports lookup by many identifiers including CUSIP. To access the API key, ...
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1 vote

API to lookup by CUSIP

When someone asks about a web API to do something, I've always found an answer on ProgrammableWeb. In this case, the US Dept. of the Treasury can help you out - but there are 2 others related to ...
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Which APIs are cheaper than (SpyFu, SimilarWeb) for finding your competitors online?

The most effective way to go about this is to use Google Analytics and Google Ad Words to find out the key words which usually bring up your site on organic search and then hit the Google Custom ...
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1 vote

What language/platform/framework to choose for a not too complex web app?

Java + Vaadin I suggest the Vaadin Framework. Briefly: You write your app's business logic and user interface in pure Java. The Vaadin framework automagically translates this at runtime to use Web ...
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1 vote

Cloud Invoice API

You try FreeAgent where you can create users with certain permissions (e.g. creating invoices).
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